Why buy from www.cantineeuropa.it?

The advantages of buying through the Cantine Europa e-shop are:

  • purchases directly from the winery;
  • registration of an account is not strictly necessary;
  • you can pay securely by PayPal, credit card and bank transfer;
  • you can purchase via smartphone, tablet and PC;
  • Your information is safe and is not given to third parties;
  • we ship throughout Italy, at a cost ranging from zero to Euro 12.99;
  • Always attractive promotions and offers.

What wines can I buy at www.cantineeuropa.it?

On the shop www.cantineeuropa.it/negozio you can buy packaged wines from Cantine Europa SCA (Petrosino – TP), a cooperative society that produces its product directly thanks to the contribution, by cooperative members, of the best grapes grown, with passion and wisdom, in the territory of Western Sicily. Some products are packaged and generally marketed by Sibiliana Vini srl, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cantine Europa Sca, through its sales network.

Through this online shop, we want to offer the same products directly to our end customers at advantageous prices.

Do I have to meet a minimum order?

A minimum order of three products is required, unless there is at least one product that can be sold individually, such as those already prepared in a carton or wooden box.

Bag-in-box Products, for logistical and shipping needs require a minimum order made of at least 4 bag-in-boxes or multiples, even diversified. Bottled products in the OUT ALL category require a minimum order of at least 6 bottles or multiples, including diversified, unless otherwise specified.

How do I look for products?

The products are featured on the store page www.cantineeuropa.it/negozio, which can also be reached through the “SHOP” link in the page header.

The shop page is user-friendly and easy to use. Upon opening, you immediately find a list of product categories.

There is also a search field in the upper right corner; typing in a few letters will also provide you with suggestions on available products.

Can I buy discounted wines?

Most of the wines for sale on the Site are discounted from the price generally charged to the marketing company. You will see a full price crossed out, which indicates the average price at which that wine is sold in traditional wine stores, and next to it you will see a discounted price, which is the price at which we sell it.
Periodically you will find time offers with additional discounts that last for a few days.

In addition, there is an OUT ALL category with products from previous vintages, available while stocks last, or with bag-in-box packaged products, of the same origin as the bottled product, but cheaper in price due to savings from packaging.

Are there any active promotions?

Always active free shipping promotion throughout the country for orders of at least Euro 99.00. The promotion is activated automatically, without any customer intervention or the entry of promotional codes.

During certain times of the year, percentage discount promotions are active on the cart total by entering the appropriate promo code on the cart page or checkout page (there is a link at the top), before going on to place your order.

Until 12/31/2022, the promotion is active, usable by all unlimited and combinable with free shipping, which provides a 10% discount for orders with a minimum amount of Euro 199.00, by entering the promotional code SC199

There is, in addition, the PRODUCTS WITH FREE SHIPPING page with items, sometimes in a box or elegant cardboard package. By placing one of these items in an order, possibly, along with others in different categories, not only will shipping charges not be charged for the entire order even if they are expected, but no minimum purchase quantities will be required.

For a detailed and up-to-date list, you can check the Active Promotions link

I’m a company, can I get an invoice?

Sure, just fill out the checkout form indicating VAT ID and, if applicable, the SDI recipient code.

Are the displayed prices including VAT?

Yes all prices on the Site include VAT.

What are the shipping costs?

Costs vary depending on the geographical destination and the extent of the shipment.

Simplifying, the maximum applicable cost is 12.99 euros per order.
For orders over Euro 99.00, shipping is free nationwide

Can I specify a destination address other than the billing address?

Yes. A new shipping address other than the billing address can be specified during checkout/checkout.

Shipping within how long?

Generally, orders are processed as soon as there is certainty of payment and, if received in the morning of Monday through Friday days, subject to the availability of the main office warehouse, are ready for pickup by the courier for shipment preparations as early as the afternoon; otherwise they will be picked up by the courier on the next business day. Typically, couriers pick up shipments for shipping or further processing in the late afternoon. Therefore, we have confirmation of shipment and tracking data by the next business day after the goods are picked up.

We ship our products with reliable and prompt couriers, with great experience in the field. As the case may be, they themselves pick up the goods and package them in compliance with the most stringent safety and integrity requirements, subsequently communicating the traceability data to us, which we promptly turn over to our customers.

How can I pay in Cantine Europa Shop?

You can pay, securely, by most common credit/debit cards (VISA, Postepay, Mastercard, Maestro), by paypal or by bank transfer. We do not handle the transaction directly, but rely on ultra-secure gateways such as stripe.com and paypal.com. No additional fees are charged.

Find more details here.

How do you store the products?

The warehouses where the wines are stored are owned by us, which is precisely why we are able to directly control the storage of wines on a constant basis, monitoring humidity, temperature, location in full compliance with industry regulations.

I have a discount code/coupon/voucher, how can I use it?

You can apply your coupon in the “promo code” section within your cart or checkout page before making payment. You will see the discount in an amount equal to the value of your coupon applied directly to your shopping cart. Please note that you can only use one coupon per order.

Can I cancel an order placed?

After an order has been completed and you have received the order confirmation email, it is not possible to cancel it. If you had any problems during your purchase, write to us at ordini@cantineeuropa.it or call (or whatsapp) us at the customer service number found at the bottom of all pages on the Site.

Can’t get the order done. What can I do?

  • check the available credit in your credit/debit or prepaid card
  • Checks that credit/debit or prepaid card information is entered correctly
  • Verifies correct entry of shipping address fields (street, house number, zip code, city, county, phone number, first and last name)

If after making the above checks you continue to have problems completing your order write to us at ordini@cantineeuropa.it or call (or whatsapp) us at the customer service number found at the bottom of all pages on the Site.

What can you tell me about the right of withdrawal?

Go to the relevant paragraph on the General Terms and Conditions page.


For any inquiries, questions, advice, and assistance on wines, ordering, and using the site you can:

  • write an email to ordini@cantineeuropa.it
  • call us at +39 340 9097 610
  • send us sms or whatsapp to the same number +39 340 9097 610

On each page of the site, in the lower right corner, there is a button that gives you access to contact options.

We would be delighted to assist you